My Top-Secret Pre-Workout Routine: Revealed!

I hear so many times how people can’t get motivated to work out! And they wonder how I do it, especially so early in the morning (my usual wake up time is 5 am)!!  

Everyone is different, but here’s my own special routine that helps me get powered up and EXCITED to rock out my workout! 
MAKE A PLAN,  STICK TO ITAny obstacle to working out is going to make it easy for you to make an excuse as to why you can’t get it in! So you need to prepare in advance and have a plan! So the first thing that I do is to plan out my workouts! I actually pencil them into my schedule, kind of like you would pencil in an important appointment! Your workout is an important date…with yourself! ​PREPARE AHEAD OF TIMEThe next thing that I do that is key, especially for early morning workouts, is to have my workout clothes out and ready to go! Or another option is to go to bed in them! I’ve done that too in the past! If the actual act of getting out of bed is hard, use the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins (I often use this method when I’m super tired. You count down from 5 and when you get to 1, you jump out of bed without even thinking about it)!


I wash my face (which immediately wakes me up) and brush my teeth! I often will have an inspirational Podcast playing while in the bathroom which quickly shifts to my preworkout tunes when I exit the bathroom on my way to get my workout in!


With this blood pumping, upbeat music playing, I get ready for the next crucial part of my pre-workout routine! Time to take my favorite natural pre-workout powder. I have had so many issues with pre-workout powders in the past. Most cause me to feel short of breath and jittery because of the amount of caffeine in them! And bloated because they are full of crappy ingredients! Not the one I use! I love the lemon taste but a brand new fruit punch flavor just launched!! I can’t wait to try it! 

Now most people dilute the powder in water and drink it! I used to take it this way! However, I found that all that water contributed to my having to stop multiple times during my workout to go to the bathroom (the problem of having a momma bladder) and it took a bit for the energy to kick in! So what did I start doing? I started taking the powder as a shot! Yes, you heard that right! I throw it back and wash it down with a little water! The effects are pretty immediate and I can start my workout right away! However, I usually dance around a bit in the kitchen as I enjoy the energy kick and then proceed to my basement to get the workout done!


The other thing that I find is key is that I have a group of women who are expecting me to get my workout in! We report our workouts when they are completed so I know that if I don’t show up for my workout and my check in, my gals will be wondering what happened to me! Accountability is key to success in your fitness journey so this extra layer of motivation helps me everyday!

I also share a lot on my Instagram Stories, which both keeps me motivated and helps others get motivated too!  I love getting comments and DMs from people about my pre-workout process!  Wanna see me throwing back my preworkout powder straight?  Connect with me and watch my stories! 

What’s your pre-workout process like? 


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