While everyone else is gearing up for Christmas, I’m getting set for a brand new program coming out in just under a month!! Don’t worry, I’m also getting ready for the holidays but my health and fitness never take a back seat, especially when something as NEW and EXCITING as a this is launching!! As a busy mom, wife and business owner, I need efficient workouts to fit in my jam packed schedule! And that is exactly what I’ll be getting very soon!

Just imagine…..in only 20 minutes a day….6 days a week….for 6 weeks…..transforming not only your body but your mindset!!  That is exactly what I’ll be doing on January 14!! I’ve already obtained my VIP early access so when it’s go time, I’m ready!! And with this early access, I’ve already received my step (yes, the program does utilize a step…I haven’t used a step to workout in YEARS)!! With the VIP access, I had a chance to sample 3 workouts, which only got me even more excited about the launch in January! They were not only fun but the 20 minutes flew by!!

Who doesn’t like to have fun while they sweat?! And nothing like the powerful and wise words from the one and only super trainer, Shaun T, who created Transform 20! He is not only the man behind the moves but his encouragement and motivation during the workout is key!!  You might remember Shaun T from workouts like Insanity, Insanity Max 30 and Focus T25!!  Well, this workout will have the same Shaun T intensity but in less time!! 

While I need to warn you that this 20 minute workout will NOT be a breeze (that is just not Shaun T’s style), I can reassure you that just when you’re ready to give up, it will be over and the workout will be done! As Shaun T would say, “Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.”

So who’s with me? Who else wants to make the change in 2019? You commit and give me 20 minutes a day, I will help you get the body and mind that you’ve been waiting for! 

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