A Whole New Way to Eat

I grew up in a dieting household.  My mother was always trying the latest and greatest diet so, as an adult, I’ve have not had the healthiest relationship with food.  I have never had an diagnosable eating disorder but I have definitely struggled with emotional eating.  It has been significant over this past year when I started using food as a stress reliever.  In February, when I was notified that my practice was closing, I went into crisis mode!  My identity as a doctor was going down the drain and all I had to comfort me was food!  I think the loss of a job is among one of the top life stressors, alongside losing a parent and divorce.  I was also in prep (diet mode) for a spring bodybuilding competition season and this came to a screeching halt with the news! So the obsession with food was already in full effect! 

So between the loss of my job and the fact that I had pretty much been on a diet since July 2016, I went off the rails!  I ate what I wanted, when I wanted.  I didn’t care about my food intake or weight for several months.  Then, my pants started getting tighter. The clothes that I had put in bags in the attic labeled “giveaway” were looking like they had to come back downstairs. If I continued on this downward spiral, I was not going to be happy with the end result!

While I do not feel my self worth is tied to the weight on the scale, I do like to feel comfortable in my own skin!  So, in May, I began a new mindful eating plan!  It totally aligned with how I practiced medicine.  It is based on mindset and trying to work on our thoughts surrounding food and eating.  It talked about how certain foods can be inflammatory to certain people, causing water retention and resulting weight gain!  It all made sense! I started to use the scale as a tool and not fear it any longer!  I began viewing food as fuel! And the new plan uncovered some underlying issues that I had been having with certain foods for the past two years! I never slowed down enough (or knew how) to figure it all out! And now the puzzle was solved!

So, as I am preparing to complete my certification in this new program, I am beyond excited to continue my own personal journey and help the others in my current nutrition group find success in overcoming their emotional ties to food and develop a healthy relationship with food while losing weight and no longer dieting! 

If you’re interested in finding out more about this program, fill out the application below!  

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