In the medical community, I believe we’ve gone off track.  Medications are over-prescribed for symptom management but I think it’s time we stop and look at the whole picture and ask a different question:

In my situation I was told my symptoms of exhaustion, sleep disturbances, and lack of motivation were depression.  And for months I tried different prescriptions to manage it, but it never really worked.

If you know me, you know I’m on the go.  I’m a life-long learner and I’m simply not available for months of lackluster delays.  Fortunately for you, I refused to give up.

I sought out someone who could see my situation from a different perspective, a functional medicine doctor.  Before long the results were in: Adrenal Fatigue. I wasn’t depressed! My body was responding to the long-term stress of being an Ob/Gyn doc and breaking my back from falling off my horse! 

Through the unique care of my functional medicine doc I found the answer to finally getting back on track and feeling like myself! Being the life-long learner I am, I took on a Functional Medicine fellowship and got board certified to treat people in a WHOLE BODY approach vs. traditional medicine! 

Now I’m branching out and using my knowledge in an untraditional way, by mentoring people long-distance in a 1:1 fashion.  I’m being interviewed for news programs, for publications, and sharing my knowledge on IGTV and my podcast. 

I’m making a massive movement in the health care industry, and I’d love for you to join me!  I’m so glad you’ve found your way to my site, there’s so much good here!!

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“The time is now to invest in your health. It’s your turn to shine. Don’t let another day pass without feeling your absolute best!

-Dr. Renee-